Kris Zutis and His Revolutionary Card Counting Detection Software

In 1962 Edward Thorp published a book called Beat the Dealer, in which he explained how it’s possible for good blackjack players to beat the system. That book started a war between mathematicians, blackjack players and online casinos which has been raging ever since.

As more and more elaborate blackjack systems came to the fore, casinos had little they could do in response, except for threatening or banning blackjack card counters. All they could do is make sure blackjack card counters understand what they were doing were frowned upon and to catch those in the act as early as possible.

Kris Zuti’s blackjack card counting detection software has algorithms that tracks each blackjack players’ betting and playing pattern and analyses it in comparison to their previous games. Zutis struck upon this invention by chance as he was actually working on his final year college project on a poker system.

The blackjack system itself is very difficult to explain and quite technical. In simple terms it video tapes blackjack games in progress. Each card is identified by the camera and is tracked, while it also records the player and dealer scores. The camera uses two lenses instead of one, which helps with its card recognition ability.

Using two lenses is also how the system ultimately picks up on who is counting cards and who is not. It concentrates on looking at how much cash players bet on each hand in relation to what their blackjack hand value is. Card counters will change their bets if they know that useful cards are coming up whereas normal players will not change their bets in any particular fashion.

So far Zutis have had positive response from casinos but he has of course not made any friends with the blackjack card sharks. At least this software will level the blackjack playing field in future.

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