Make Sure the Online Casino Really Pays and Easily

Online Casinos are great and winning is fun, however, winning is even more fun when you can actually collect your winnings! Unfortunately, not all online casinos are created equally. Some of them talk a big game about how much money you can win and how easy the pay outs will be, but do not deliver. [...]

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Tips For Gambling Safely Online

Tips For Gambling Safely Online

Every day you will hear some form of story about how a person lost it all, how they were tricked, or how they had their details stolen. When playing with money and using an account that is linked to your bank, it can be daunting and worrying to gamble online. You need to be rest [...]

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How to play Monopoly slot machines

How to play Monopoly slot machines

A great slot which is growing in popularity is Monopoly and you can find it at ME Arcade. This is a 9 line slot and it is based on the very popular board game of Monopoly. In order to play it you first set the amount of the bet per line and you select the [...]

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The Legality of Online Gambling in Australia

The Legality of Online Gambling in Australia

Many software developers have recognized the prospects of the Australian market as a hotspot for online gaming. This is the reason why when online gambling is still developing in many other countries, it has already reached its full-blown popularity in Australia. But what changed the face of gambling in Australia is the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001is quite complicated to understand but is said to have been passed to protect its citizens from the negative effects of too much online gambling. Under the said law, it is against the law to provide online gambling service to those present in Australia but it is not illegal for residents of Australia to play online casino games. It covers all online gambling service providers located in Australia or overseas.

Despite the strictness of their gambling rules, online casino Australia provides the government with 4% of total revenues being collected annually.

For the best casinos online reviews, head over to, they have fantastic reviews that will send you heading in the right direction.

Kris Zutis and His Revolutionary Card Counting Detection Software

Kris Zutis and His Revolutionary Card Counting Detection Software

In 1962 Edward Thorp published a book called Beat the Dealer, in which he explained how it’s possible for good blackjack players to beat the system. That book started a war between mathematicians, blackjack players and online casinos which has been raging ever since.

As more and more elaborate blackjack systems came to the fore, casinos had little they could do in response, except for threatening or banning blackjack card counters. All they could do is make sure blackjack card counters understand what they were doing were frowned upon and to catch those in the act as early as possible.

Kris Zuti’s blackjack card counting detection software has algorithms that tracks each blackjack players’ betting and playing pattern and analyses it in comparison to their previous games. Zutis struck upon this invention by chance as he was actually working on his final year college project on a poker system.

The blackjack system itself is very difficult to explain and quite technical. In simple terms it video tapes blackjack games in progress. Each card is identified by the camera and is tracked, while it also records the player and dealer scores. The camera uses two lenses instead of one, which helps with its card recognition ability.

Using two lenses is also how the system ultimately picks up on who is counting cards and who is not. It concentrates on looking at how much cash players bet on each hand in relation to what their blackjack hand value is. Card counters will change their bets if they know that useful cards are coming up whereas normal players will not change their bets in any particular fashion.

So far Zutis have had positive response from casinos but he has of course not made any friends with the blackjack card sharks. At least this software will level the blackjack playing field in future.

Mecca Bingo’s Newbie Room

Mecca Bingo’s Newbie Room

Mecca Bingo is one of the internet’s most popular online gaming sites, with loads of great games to choose from ranging from the conventional bingo rooms to exciting slots games. One thing that also sets Mecca Bingo apart from the rest of the gaming sites out there is its great, friendly attitude towards new players and members. Not only does Mecca offer a generous sign up bonus with £50 free play, they also have an exclusive “Newbie Room”, which allows new players on the site to learn all the rules of the game in a pressure free, relaxed situation.

The Newbie Room has already been available at mecca for several months, and this offer is continuing throughout November. Any player who signs up during this month will be able to play in the newbie room for five whole days, starting with the Monday after they sign up and lasting until the Friday. The best part of the whole thing is that all the games in the newbie room are FREE – you can try games before you even have to spend a penny.

The newbie room is open on the Mecca Bingo site at between 12pm and 2pm, and then 7pm and 9pm every day. Each game has a £25 jackpot, and if you win then your prize will be added to your bingo bonus balance. This balance can be used to play bingo in any of the site’s other bingo rooms.

The final great benefit of the newbie room is that it gives you chance to learn the lay of the land, try out a few games and chat to other newcomers without the stress or pressure of the rest of the site. Although members are welcoming, it is nice to be able to find your feet for a while first! The Mecca Bingo Chat Moderators will also be online and available whilst you play, to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Biggest ever win from an online slot machine?

Biggest ever win from an online slot machine?

You always hear about the big winners in poker, or blackjack, but you don’t often hear about big slot machine wins. The slots are some of the easiest games to play, and the possible winnings can sometimes be absolutely huge, but what have been the big wins?

Well, the biggest win recorded was to a Giorgios M a 36 year old business owner who from a $6 bet won $8,500,000. The incredible amount was won in May 2009 whilst playing a Mega Moolah progressive slot machine.

A second huge win goes to a British blacksmith who online is known as ‘Obaesso’. In May 2007 whilst playing the Millionaires Club Slot he won a cool $8 million.

Mega Moolah had the huge payout in 2009, and back in 2008 it was again involved in another two huge payouts totalling $10.5 million.

Slot machines are hugely popular and are played by millions of people, and with the possibility of winning that amount of money you can understand why, especially if the initial bet is as small as some of these have been.

The biggest winners will always come from the progressive jackpot slots as that is where the big bucks are held, so if you wishing to wager in hopes of winning big, seek out the earest progressive jackpot machine available!

Not the biggest win ever recorded, but perhaps the fastest win recorded is held by a Canadian known as Silvana3, who after just six minutes, and $13 after signing up, was the winner of $300,000.

Clearly the slots are definitely where the big wins can be found especially if you do not have the time or effort to master some of the table games. You can find an extensive list of online gaming companies who offer slots are this site:

Best no deposit bonuses right now

Although most casinos offer welcome bonuses that are a multiple of your initial deposit, with no deposit bonuses you do not need to make any initial purchase. Once you sign up for an account, free money appears in it that you can use to make bets. Generally there are wagering restrictions attached to the offer, for instance you may need to play through the amount several times before you can make a cash withdrawal. Here are some of the best no deposit bonuses that are available right now, though you can find many more at

Joyland Casino is currently offering a £10 no deposit bonus. This is awarded immediately after you sign up and you will need to register a credit card before you can stat to use it. You will need to play through the bonus 99 times and you can only play on slots. The maximum amount of money you can withdraw is £200 and you will need to deposit £50 before you can make the withdrawal.

32Red casino is currently offering a very generous £32 no deposit bonus which is added as casino chips to your account as soon as you create one. You will need to register a UK debit or credit card. You will need to play through the £32 a minimum of 30 times and the maximum bet you can make is £8.00. You have just 7 days to fulfil these restrictions. You should note that different games qualify for different percentages towards the required play-throughs.

The most generous no-deposit bonus is offered by Prestige Casino. This is a huge £750 but the catch is that you have just one hour in which to use it and you must bet at least 20 times the bonus amount and different games contribute different percentages. Before you can withdraw any cash you will need to deposit at least £35 and the amount you can withdraw depends on the cash balance in your account.

Another excellent no deposit bonus is being offered by Ladbrokes. They will pay £25 into your account as soon as you sign up, The number of play throughs is only 25, which is considerably less than at many casinos though these are restricted to all slots games.

Discipline and Online Gambling

When playing at online casinos, one of the most important qualities a successful player can possess is discipline when it comes to setting a gambling budget and sticking to it. This is also the case with live gambling; however, with the fast turn around times on internet casino games, along with the simplicity of gambling with a few clicks of the mouse, it becomes even more crucial in an online environment. It is very easy to lose the entire contents of your gambling purse quite quickly if you are not paying attention to what you are doing and how you are betting. For this reason, setting a certain budget prior to beginning your online gaming session is a wise idea. In addition, it may be a good idea to choose an amount at which you will cut your losses and move on, rather than continuing to bet more money and risk the possibility of losing even more.

One thing that may seasoned players do is learn to differentiate between an instance where they may have a chance to recover, and one where they should pull out and call it a night. Sometimes even a small profit is better than none at all. Playing casino games can be addicting and for this reason many people cannot seem to pull themselves away from the computer when their luck has run out. This leads to loss of money and an overall bad experience. With this being said, if you are playing at an online casino and losing consistently, it might be a good idea, if you feel you still want to play, to switch to a free game or lower your bets significantly.

Look for Free Money at Online Casinos

Look for Free Money at Online Casinos

When considering online casino gaming, one of the things to keep in mind is that there are several online casinos which offer no deposit, free money to new players. Pay attention because some of the casinos do not actually give free money but rather, offer a match on the deposit you have made. While this is an excellent proposition, it is not quite as great as money for nothing. These casinos will place real money into your account so that you can use it to start playing, and even winning more money. This is their way of attracting people to play at their site in hopes that they will enjoy their experience and stay for good.

In addition to sites that offer free money for joining, there are also some sites that offer free money for referring people to the site. Essentially, if you get your cousin, brother, sister, mother, or best friend to come and join the online casino, that casino will award you a certain amount of money as a referral bonus. This is a great way to get extra money to invest in your favorite online casino games and maximize your chance of winning. There are also a lot of casinos that will offer great weekly monetary bonuses to reward their members for playing; these casinos usually offer a variety of other bonuses as well. In any case it is quite easy to find an online casino that offers these great incentives by doing a simple internet search.

Videos and Online Tutorials for Online Casino Players

A lot of people who begin playing at online casinos and don’t win right away, or have trouble with their game, or even navigating around the site become disheartened and give up on playing. In fact one of the main reasons people stop playing at online casinos is because they become frustrated at not being able to win right off the bat. Online casino gaming can be quite profitable but it does take time to develop skills and the ability to bet intelligently.

With that being said, it can take months of playing before a person becomes sufficiently adept at whatever online casino game they are playing. Fortunately, there are online tools that casino players can use to help improve their gaming skills. In fact with this being the age of information, there is very little that cannot be found on the internet. People are looking to the internet more and more for a variety of different things.

Today there are videos and online guides and tutorials for just about everything a person could imagine, from fixing the roof on their home to installing their own surround sound systems. Online casino gaming is no different. There are thousands of video tutorials on sites like designed to offer tips, tricks, and different strategies to help people who play at online casinos improve their game. The great thing is that most sites that have online videos and tutorials offer them free of charge.

Using Tournaments to Improve Your Online Casino Game

If you have recently started playing online casino games, you might be getting discouraged if you aren’t winning big yet. This is a common complaint that many online casino gamers have, however, the main thing that seems to be the difference between the big winners and the people who play every so often is that big winners spend a lot of time playing, therefore, practicing. Everyone has heard the old adage “practice makes perfect”, well this is especially true when it comes to any type of casino game, let alone online casino games. It takes a lot of getting used to the interfaces on an online casino and therefore, can take some extra time of playing before one can begin to see a profit from their efforts.

One of the best ways to discipline yourself and make sure you will play for awhile is to enter the various online tournaments. By entering a tournament you are committing to play for at least as long as the tournament should last so that will help insure you stick around long enough to get a little bit of practice. Almost every online casino has tournaments that are held at various times throughout the day. If you have never entered a tournament, you are missing out on a lot. Not only are tournaments are great way to get a little extra practice playing, but they are also a lot of fun and offer the chance at winning a nice little chunk of change.

Online Casino Tips and Forums

Many people who play at online casinos do not realize just how many online forums are out there to provide advice, tips, tricks and strategies to help them maximize their profit and play a better game. Even people who have been gambling all of their lives may need some help or advice when it comes to online gambling. There is a big difference between playing poker at a live casino than at an online casino. The rules of the game may be the same but if you don’t know how to navigate around the online casino site, you might end up a little confused. Another problem some online poker players run into is the inability to see the other player’s faces. Since poker is a game of bluffing, this can be a little bit difficult in an online casino. However, more seasoned online casino players may be able to shed some light on other methods they use in this situation.

Finding these online forums is easy and typically doing a simple Google search will suffice. In addition, many of the players that are on whatever casino site you may be playing at will be able to suggest forums that they frequent. The chat options are a great way to meet other like minded people and share information with each other. In some cases there is even a forum attached to the casino you frequent and simply browsing around the site will lead you directly to it. In any case, if you love playing casino games but fear that you may not understand how to do so in an online setting, these forums may prove quite helpful to you.