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Mecca Bingo’s Newbie Room

Mecca Bingo’s Newbie Room

Mecca Bingo is one of the internet’s most popular online gaming sites, with loads of great games to choose from ranging from the conventional bingo rooms to exciting slots games. One thing that also sets Mecca Bingo apart from the rest of the gaming sites out there is its great, friendly attitude towards new players and members. Not only does Mecca offer a generous sign up bonus with £50 free play, they also have an exclusive “Newbie Room”, which allows new players on the site to learn all the rules of the game in a pressure free, relaxed situation.

The Newbie Room has already been available at mecca for several months, and this offer is continuing throughout November. Any player who signs up during this month will be able to play in the newbie room for five whole days, starting with the Monday after they sign up and lasting until the Friday. The best part of the whole thing is that all the games in the newbie room are FREE – you can try games before you even have to spend a penny.

The newbie room is open on the Mecca Bingo site at between 12pm and 2pm, and then 7pm and 9pm every day. Each game has a £25 jackpot, and if you win then your prize will be added to your bingo bonus balance. This balance can be used to play bingo in any of the site’s other bingo rooms.

The final great benefit of the newbie room is that it gives you chance to learn the lay of the land, try out a few games and chat to other newcomers without the stress or pressure of the rest of the site. Although members are welcoming, it is nice to be able to find your feet for a while first! The Mecca Bingo Chat Moderators will also be online and available whilst you play, to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Make Sure the Online Casino Really Pays and Easily

Online Casinos are great and winning is fun, however, winning is even more fun when you can actually collect your winnings! Unfortunately, not all online casinos are created equally. Some of them talk a big game about how much money you can win and how easy the pay outs will be, but do not deliver. Make sure that the casino you choose can put their money where there mouth is, or better yet, in your pocket! With that being said, the best way to find out about a casino and how easily they make withdrawing money, is to ask other players. Most online casinos, especially the ones that advertise live dealers, have a chat feature that allows all of the players to talk among themselves, via a chat room interface. A good suggestion is to go and ask around the site to see if any of the other players have had any trouble withdrawing money. If you don’t get a good response, perhaps you should choose another casino.

Another great way to find out what the withdraw process will be is to read the sites terms and conditions in regards to payouts and withdraws. If the process seems incredibly hard, it might be a good decision to steer clwear of that site and find one that has a simpler method of verification. Another way to check out the reputation of a certain online casino is through a discussion forum that is specific to online casinos and players.

Biggest ever win from an online slot machine?

Biggest ever win from an online slot machine?

You always hear about the big winners in poker, or blackjack, but you don’t often hear about big slot machine wins. The slots are some of the easiest games to play, and the possible winnings can sometimes be absolutely huge, but what have been the big wins?

Well, the biggest win recorded was to a Giorgios M a 36 year old business owner who from a $6 bet won $8,500,000. The incredible amount was won in May 2009 whilst playing a Mega Moolah progressive slot machine.

A second huge win goes to a British blacksmith who online is known as ‘Obaesso’. In May 2007 whilst playing the Millionaires Club Slot he won a cool $8 million.

Mega Moolah had the huge payout in 2009, and back in 2008 it was again involved in another two huge payouts totalling $10.5 million.

Slot machines are hugely popular and are played by millions of people, and with the possibility of winning that amount of money you can understand why, especially if the initial bet is as small as some of these have been.

The biggest winners will always come from the progressive jackpot slots as that is where the big bucks are held, so if you wishing to wager in hopes of winning big, seek out the earest progressive jackpot machine available!

Not the biggest win ever recorded, but perhaps the fastest win recorded is held by a Canadian known as Silvana3, who after just six minutes, and $13 after signing up, was the winner of $300,000.

Clearly the slots are definitely where the big wins can be found especially if you do not have the time or effort to master some of the table games. You can find an extensive list of online gaming companies who offer slots are this site: